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Clint just loves to travel, and for a long time now has been drifting from place to place around the world. With his combined passion for travel and photography, he’s managed to find himself in the middle of some magical moments and mind blowing scenery. Explosive Aperture is Clint’s way of sharing his experiences with you, and showcasing not just his travel photography, but the moments and stories behind the photos.

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From Africa to South America, Asia to Europe, and everything in between

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How to Photograph Moving Water

Learn how to photograph moving water and create beautiful dream like shots that really capture the character of moving water with a serene finish.

The Wonders of Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

Oh, Bagan! …Once upon a time I received a message from Kirsty, asking: “what do you think about Burma?” A simple google image search gave me all I needed to respond. “WE HAVE TO GO!!”, I shouted back. Within a year, we both stepped foot on Myanmar soil. What sent us...

2014 Travel Photographer Awards: 2nd place!

I’m proud to say that I just got awarded 2nd place travel photographer of the year, in the “2014 International Travel Photography Awards” competition, amateur category. Out of thousands of entries from photographers around the world, I’m pretty...



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